Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Massive Growth in Artificial Intelligence

Massive growth in Artificial intelligence.
According to research firm Tractica, the worldwide computing software package market is predicted to expertise large growth within the returning years, with revenues increasing from around 9.5 billion U.S. greenbacks in 2018 to AN expected 118.6 billion by 2025. the general AI market includes a large array of applications like tongue process, robotic method automation, and machine learning.

AI corporations:
Many of the largest names within the technical school business have endowed heavily into each AI acquisitions and AI connected analysis and development. corporations like Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Samsung have every submitted thousands of AI patent application, and AI connected startups ar raking in billions of greenbacks in investment every quarter.

How can AI and automation have an effect on employment?

One of the key considerations relating to AI is that the risk that automation can force several laborers out of their jobs and make sure positions obsolete. In the U.S., folks tend to be additional troubled regarding the attainable negative effects of AI and automation than excited regarding the benefits that these technologies may give. a major share of business executives agree that existing staff can have to be compelled to modification their talent set so as to adapt to the implementation of AI within the geographic point.

Monday, November 4, 2019

Three enhanced disaster recovery benefits of SQL Server

A couple of months back, Microsoft introduced the first release candidate refresh for SQL Server 2019, with a focus on Big Data Clusters. Then, in September, the tech giant unveiled the monthly update for cross-platform data management tool Azure Data Studio, which works with SQL Server.

Today, SQL Server is getting enhanced Software Assurance benefits, enabling customers to engage in high-availability disaster recovery scenarios with ease. Microsoft believes this helps them ensure business continuity, regardless of failover events that may occur.

Starting November 1, customers with SQL Server licenses that include Software Assurance will be able to utilize three enhanced benefits. These include:

Failover servers for high availability – Allows customers to install and run passive SQL Server instances in a separate operating system environment (OSE) or server for high availability on-premises in anticipation of a failover event. Today, Software Assurance patrons have one free passive example for either high availability or DR

Failover servers for disaster recovery (NEW) – Allows customers to install and run passive SQL Server instances in a separate OSE or server on-premises for disaster recovery in anticipation of a failover event

Failover servers for disaster recovery in Azure (NEW) – Allows customers to install and run passive SQL Server instances in a separate OSE or server for disaster recovery in Azure in anticipation of a failover event

Using these, hybrid disaster recovery plans in SQL Server can be implemented using features like Always on Availability Groups without having to pay for additional licensing costs for the passive replicas. This change can be better observed through the image shown above. As an example, previously, 12 cores of the SQL Server running on Azure Virtual Machine would need to have been licensed, aside from the 12 already-licensed on-premise cores. This additional licensing won't be required now. The same goes for passive secondary replicas for disaster recovery being utilized alongside passive secondary high-availability and primary on-premise cores; only the primary ones will need to be licensed now.
Aside from the benefits, passive replicas also allow for other operations including database consistency checks, log backups, full backups, and the ability to monitor resource usage data. The enhanced benefits will be available for all currently supported releases of SQL Server that are supported by Microsoft. The next refresh of Microsoft's Licensing Terms will include these benefits.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Autonomous Devices

Autonomous devices are the devices which work on the principle of automation they can determine their surrounding easily by their physical
activities. Autonomous devices are physical robot and perform physical task. They can perform tasks on their own. Autonomous devices learn from our input and their experiences. Drones, humanoid, space probes, transportation, home automation agriculture, and architecture robots are the easily examples of autonomous devices.
What they can do or what they can’t?
·        They can easily determine their surroundings.
·        They can do work without any instruction of a human beings.
·        They can perform continuous and repeatedly task easily.
An easy example of autonomous devices is self-driving car or robot-car.
So, the question arises that:
          Are all robots’ autonomous devices?
No, autonomous devices are the device to whom they work by their own, not a single instruction is given by a human to perform a specific task. While some devices are used set of instruction to perform a specific task.
          E.g. a robot vacuum cleaner and autonomous helicopter.
v By the invention of self-driving car now you are secure using a cell phone while driving the car dive it self to your destination without getting accident or break any traffic rule.
v Robot vacuum cleaner helps in our daily life it automatically senses the dust on floor and cleans it automatically you don’t need to give instruction.
v Similarly grass cutting machine works on the same principle of vacuum cleaner it automatically senses the size of grass and cut it automatically and when its power gets low it automatically goes to its base station and get charged and complete its work
Benefits of autonomous devices
          Autonomous devices are helpful in many ways, these devices have the ability to go on that places where humans cannot like dangerous places like nuclear reactor places or those places in which humans cannot reach there like aero-engines etc. The shape of future is changing with autonomous devices. Where everything takes place with his fixed time. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Big Data

Big data
Big data means that type of data which have a large volume and it can’t be processed easily. The volume of big data is so large so it cannot be processed by our traditional software’s, but this huge amount of data is used to determine the business problems that are difficult to handle. According to surveys about 2.5 quintillion of data is produce every day. So, you can determine the amount of data its huge to process. Three Vs of big data are volume velocity and variety
          Volume means that how much amount of data is produce in a day now imagine 900 millions of people are using Facebook in a day some of them upload their pictures, some of them update their status, some of them upload videos and all the other stuff so you can imagine how much data we are produce in a day.
          Velocity refers to speed it means that how much data is produce with a specific time interval example at what speed of 900 million people produce data at one day or a specific time period.
          Variety means that whether data is produced by humans or machine. This data may be structured or unstructured.
Why big data is so important?
          Big data is so important in now a day because it helps organization to determine their problems and to help them how to deal with them in future. Organization use different types of open source software that help them to access big data and also used to store them.
What is Hadoop?
          Hadoop is collections open source software that use computer network to facilitate us to solve problem that are massive in amount. It uses MapReduce program model to provide us software framework for distributed storage and utilize big data.

Monday, October 21, 2019

Difference between average and a good programmer

Interview of an average vs good programmer.
When it involves interviewing Programmers or computer code Developers, the goal is to seek out the most suitable person for the task, however its easier afore said than done. In observe, it's totally difficult to gauge someone's caliber, experience, associated experience in a very short length of an Interview.

I know there's a method ranging from the phone interview, written tests, to a face-to-face interview, however it's still tasking to rent or notice a decent technologist.

The process will assist you to filter candidates, however eventually, it'll return right down to your expertise and gut feeling to seek out sensible programmers.

As you're taking a lot of and a lot of interviews, you may catch what to raise and what to not raise and like several alternative interviewers within the world, you may develop several of your own tips to seek out right candidates.

Similarly, I even have learned a few of tips from my expertise of interviewing several programmers, that have helped me to differentiate between a median {programmer, computer technologist coder, software engineer, applied scientist technologist, or a computer user} with a decent programmer within the past.

One of my most used tips is finding gaps in necessities. I even have found and learned it over the time that---

Good developers have a hang of breaking necessities into items and finding gaps,

which is extremely vital to supply quality computer code?

Though this talent principally comes with expertise, a decent developer, even with less expertise, has this ability.

In this article, can I will be able to share associate interview situation to ascertain what a median and a decent technologist will manufacture given identical demand.

This is a hypothetic interview to demonstrate my tip, however it's totally getting ready to the $64000 interview.

You can modification the necessity according to your initial based upon your domain, candidates' expertise and domain experience and verbal description. Key's to relinquish one-line demand to a candidate and compare the standard of the program developed by many programmers.

In this scenario, I even have used an awfully general demand, which does not would like any domain experience, like finance, healthcare, or producing, however needs some programming expertise.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Web Application Development

Web application development
web application is a client-server based program that runs on a client’s computer. Web application development is making of web apps that you don’t need to install on your PC or laptop. It is also called dynamic web. It has a vast range of categories and options. A web app can easily access by a user by using web browsers like google, chrome, Mozilla, fire fox etc. Majority of web apps are written in ajax asp.net, java-script, html 5 and CSS. You can also build your web app on WordPress for free. Common web applications are web-mails, online store, retail store and online auctions.
olx.pk, daraz.pk, gmail.com, yahoo.com, aliexpress.com, flipcart, amazon.com etc.
How to develop web apps?
First of all, you have a good knowledge of a programming language. Like asp.net, java, php, angularJs, javascript, ajax, agular, reactJs, nodsJs etc. You have to master in one or two language. Then you are able to develop a web app. If you want to develop your own web apps and doesn’t want to learn any of these languages so you better hire a good developer or a programmer and if you also doesn’t have a budget for this you should try free CMS platform like WordPress, wix, durpal and TYP03 etc. Here you can make your free web apps with little knowledge of programming.
Usage of web apps in our life:
web apps or android software development are making our daily life so much easier, like you can order your food online, you can buy yourself clothes, you can book tickets for your beautiful journey and you can do much more than this.
Steps involved in development of an application:
Following steps are involve in the development of an application
Idea/purpose →planning → Design→ capability of developers → coding→ testing/launch→ maintenance.

Artificial intelligence
Artificial intelligence (AI) is branch of computer science in which a group of scientists draw attention to make a robot or a computer able to think or act like humans. It is also called machine intelligence or machine learning. Which means to make a program, that a computer can understand and are able to perform tasks that are given by any person. AI has a vast scope. We can see it in our daily life like face lock of our smart phones, speech recognition and problem solving. Artificial intelligence is growing day by day. It helps human to make their work easier and more efficient.

How AI changing the whole world?

“[AI] is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity.”
      Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, 2018
The Artificial intelligence rapidly growing since past 20 years. The technology of AI is increasing day by day different companies are trying to maintain their position by the help of artificial intelligence. The shape of futureis totally going to change with artificial technology. The biggest aim of artificial technology is how to solve world’s problem with smarter and intelligent way? Through artificial intelligence computer of next generation are being made. AI is also taking a big part in prediction of world. So be ready for a better future.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is a technique in which to make a computer is able to learn something new and how to perform it in a new way? It is closely related to computational statics that focus on prediction by using computers.
Setting up voice recognition to Siri, Cortona and Google are a great examples of machine learning.

Massive Growth in Artificial Intelligence

Massive growth in Artificial intelligence. According to research firm Tractica, the worldwide computing software package market is pr...